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Free business idea: myers briggs horoscopes

March 3, 2013

Selling horoscopes brings in scads of money, but they’re mostly bullshit.  The typical horoscope is generalized life advice, seemingly made relevant by the Forer effect.  Even if you believe in astrology, the majority of horoscopes peddled aren’t even accurate by astrological standards.

Myers Briggs is a psychological system for typing people into 16 categories on 4 axes.  Introvert/Extrovert, iNtuitive/Sensing,  Feeling/Thinking, and Perceiving/Judging.  I am Extroverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving, so in Myers Briggs Parlance I am an ENTP.  The type is also called the “visionary”, and other ENTPs include Steve Jobs, Richard Feynman, and Tony Stark.  Myers Briggs is not perfectly accurate, especially for people who are on the borderline (I am on the border between introvert and extrovert), but it is good enough to be psychologically useful.  And, anecdotally, I idolized all three ENTP examples before I knew I shared their type.

So, we have a personality test that is reasonably accurate and a large, profitable industry based on giving life advice.  What if we combined the two?  Gave advice that is specifically tailored to that personality type.  An ENTP (a visionary who gets excited by new ventures) would get told to make small bets before jumping off the deep end, while an ISTJ (a duty fulfiller who takes rules seriously) may get reminded that the most important rule is forgiveness.  So that’s the market:  people who want personalized daily advice.

The business part would be to give away one horoscope per week, then charge a small subscription ($5/month) to get one every day.  The costs would be advertising, web hosting, and writing.  Web hosting is ridiculously cheap, writing can be done by yourself, and advertising can either be foregone, or you can make sure that the advertising pays for itself.

Now go get entrepreneuring.


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